We carry various things to use in our day to day lives and there is no doubt handbags serve us for this purpose. There are many types of handbags that suit various occasions for both men and women.
When it comes to handbags fashion there is nothing lacking for men compared to women. You would be amazed to know how many types of handbags do exist to fit specific needs and occasions for men.
What to be amazed!! Then continue reading…


Backpacks are packed with many features. With many pockets and sections with zipper closures these bags gained popularity over the years due to its simplistic design. They come with parallel straps and handles that are used to carry it along your back over the shoulders.
These are ideal for securing your contents including books across campus, clothes for a weekend travel etc.

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Yes. Your guess is right. This is a bag for weekend trips as the name suggests. It has got double handles, shoulder strap or both for you to choose from. Made with polyester and nylon, a Weekender also comes with leather material to give that more casual formal look. Weekender comes with many different models and colors although having a similar square design.

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Often referred as a courier bag, a Messenger bag is spacious with a single strap that comes with a thick material to last long. Heavily used for carrying books, papers and even laptop based upon convenience.
Its classic rectangular shape with a buckle closure gives the feasibility of wrapping your contents intact with no chance to get damaged like zippers although some of the models come with zipper closure. With its notorious design and durable nature these bags have become a fashion icon these days.

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Laptop carrier

Laptops have become a common electronic device for most out there nowadays if not for everybody. A laptop carrier bag is just made perfectly to carry your laptop with its material made to secure your device from any accidental impact, scratches.
Some bags comes with a material that is water resistant although not every laptop carrier to prevent your laptop from any water damage. Also equipped with pockets to hold chargers and adapters including pens and pencils and other office supplies.

Tote bag

With its simplistic design a Tote bag is great for short trips, be it day or weekend trips. It generally comes with no zippers although some may have zipper closure to allow you to drop things into the bag easily. Made with heavy fabric to add more durability. A Tote is also equipped with parallel handles or shoulder straps.
With its availability widely in many colors and patterns, Tote bags are suitable for casual outings for people of all age groups and every style.

Duffle bag

The Duffle bag is all about open space compartment concept. It has a minimalistic waste space showing you to carry as much stuff as possible.
It has a zipper closure with a durable fabric make making your stuff secure. With its light weight attribute the Duffle bag had been popular across the globe due to its versatility and convenience.

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Camera bag

This bag is designed to carry not only cameras but also other electronic devices securely. Suitable for photographers of all grades.
Its made with a heavy fabric that keeps all electronic stuff secure and water proof. Also mostly equipped with shockproof padding to add extra bit of a security layer to keep your equipment safe from any accidental impact.


A Satchel has been there for more than 80 years and it is still most commonly used for various purposes including carrying books, schooling things (you know what I mean) and office supplies.
It is made mostly with a heavy material which makes it more durable to last long. Comes with a cross strap so you can have a hands free journey just like a backpack. Looks very trendy (thanks to its design) and elegant. The beauty of a Satchel is you can even carry small sized laptops like a Surface or Chromebook along with your stuff.

Waist bag

A Waist bag is great if you are traveling and would want to carry only essentials along with you. Unlike other bags this one can be tied around your waist as the name suggests. Suits best when you would want to carry a few important things like passports and tickets/boarding passes always handy with you without having to leave the bag any where.
It comes with a zipper for closure so you can secure your essentials quite peacefully.


Portfolio looks very formal without any pockets or zips. It maintains a simplistic look that closes with a simple fold. No handles. No straps. No mess.
This bag is perfect for interviews that not only boosts your confidence while carrying it but adds professional look.
If you want to carry some documents, be it resumes, reports etc. Then this is the one you should go for.

Hope you will find a handbag that suits you best.

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