All women carry a handbag of some sort when they head out for any purpose or occasion. It would be fair enough to say that a handbag is women’s best buddy which is why a women handbag is one of the most popular products in the world. When it comes to selecting a women’s handbag you have a lot of aspects to consider in terms of style, comfort, occasion and purpose and there are handbags out there that are manufactured to serve the specific needs. Often it becomes a daunting task as you can imagine by now to choose the right women handbag.

Here are a few tips that you can consider that would guide you to make the right choice.


No body likes to compromise comfort while using any product. Handbag is no exception to this. The primary use of a handbag besides other factors is to carry stuff. Especially a women handbag serves carrying tiny things from make up items to bulky stuff like clothing, high heels footwear. To carry this kind of stuff you would want the handbag to be comfortable to hold either over the shoulder or with hands depending on the variety of straps that comes with the handbag.
Depending on your needs think about how much stuff you are going to carry and whether the handbag would be comfortable to carry over the shoulder or easy to hold firmly.

Light weight

When you start placing your stuff in the handbag the weight keeps getting added for obvious reasons. Point to remember when shopping a handbag is to check how heavy it is. You wouldn’t want the handbag to be heavy which eventually adds to the weight of your stuff that you are going to carry.


Although not essential for everybody based upon the preference it is good to check if the handbag that you are looking for had zippers. Most of the women do not prefer their belongings to be visible. Especially if it a tote women handbag then it would be great to have zip closures that keeps your belongings safe and secure. In saying this, it might not be always ideal to go for a handbag that has zippers if your requirement is just to be able to have an open handbag to drop your stuff into it more frequently.

Does Style matter!

Yes. Let me say that again. YES. Style speaks a lot for you. It speaks a lot about you.
So what to look in a handbag to be stylish?

• Make sure it is aesthetically designed well.
• Pick a neutral colour – Black, grey or nude are the mostly considered colours for a women handbag. Purely because of the reason that they go well with almost any of your outfits.
• Size – the size of the handbag would need to suit your body type.

The important factor: Price tag

Even though style and elegance come with a price it doesn’t have to be to expensive. You can easily find women handbags out there that look stylish and elegant without too much of a price tag on them. If you prefer to stick with your favourite brand then you are a person who can afford that expense. But in case you won’t be able to, then consider replica handbags that look alike branded ones that come with a very reasonable price. And most importantly these replica bags give you some satisfaction (all though not the same) of using one of those branded ones.


Not a single type of handbag suits all occasions. For example if you are going out for work (based upon what you might want to carry along with you) a women backpack would be a good one. If you are heading out for shopping, a tote bag might serve you better. If it is a party night, a purse might be the right choice. Or if it is for gymming purpose, a duffle bag suits best. Whatever is your requirement, always consider the occasion before buying.


Hope these pointers would guide you to find suitable handbag of your choice. Ready to check out some handbags now!

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